Nayonika Ghosh

World of Colour

An Educational Toolkit - B.Des Thesis Project
Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore
In collaboration with Agastya International Foundation

This project was made in accordance and for the children affiliated with the Agastya International Foundation (a nonprofit organisation working towards providing interactive ways of learning for children in rural India). The intent of the project was to design an interactive educational tool kit for children of 11-15 years. To create opportunities where they could explore their curriculum playfully while learning about science and mathematics.

Colour as subject for interrogation and exploration sparked myinterest. Besides my personal fascination around the subject, it is an important visual tool. Hence, easily recognisable and an integral element for communication. Using colour as my subject was essential, as some children did not speak English or Hindi and this visual cue aided our conversations.
This project is an amalgamation of the colour along with math to curate and creates experiences. It required constant field work and constant prototyping and testing. The identity and visual language for the project also reiterates the ethos of the simplicity of the project.

This project is culminated in the form of a toolkit consisting of three sections:
1. Understanding the basic properties of light and colour:
A DIY spectroscope making activity and pop-up.
2. Colour Play:
A board game based on the Subtractive System of Colour.
3. Play in the Dark:
An experience based on the Additive System of Colour.

A pop-up (to demonstrate light travels in a straight line) and Let’s Make a Rainbow! (A guide to create your own spectroscope) 

Colour Play boardgame

Challenge cards

Rule cards along with the scorebook

Colour Play: The Board Game 
The above images represent above Paint the Cards, Subtractive Colour System card, Challenge cards, ‘How to Play this Game?’ rule card and Scorebook, The Rulebook respectively.

Play in the Dark: The Interactive Activity 
The above images represent The Manual, Activity Book 1, Activity Book 2 and Activity Book 3 respectively.

World of Colour: The Documentation Book