Nayonika Ghosh

Kopi Concepts

Identity Design

The project brief was to create a logo for ‘Kopi Concepts’. A venture, which focuses on designing sustainable and high quality coffee grinders. The ethos of the brand emphasizes functional form, efficiency, sustainability and minimal design.

It was a collaborative process, where the founders and I worked collectively towards creating a suitable logo for the product. 

The final logo has a clean, minimalistic, and structural design and is informed by their personal histories and interests while incorporating the features of the product’s design. A logo which represent them, the product and the ethos of the company.

The final iterations were intended to be used for the company’s deliverables and for the body of the product itself. Kopi launched their Kickstarter campaign in May 2021. The two final logo iterations have been used across all their platforms.

To know more about Kopi Concepts and their initiative, you can visit:

Forms inspired from the product’s stuctural design

Initial iterations for the logo

Logo and Identity design for Kopi Concepts

The logo represented on their website

The logo in use on their Instagram account

The logo represented on their Youtube Channel