Nayonika Ghosh

The Walkative Project

Social Media Design
The Walkative Society
Royal College of Art, London
2020 - 2021

Through participant and guest-led walks, written and visual documentation, The Walkative Project explores how walking can trigger processes of thinking, researching, collaborating and making.

As a Designer-in-Residence (2020-2021) in collaboration with Konstantina Benaki, we worked to develop and create visuals for social media and other digital/physical platforms to promote events, workshops and talks.To know more about this project visit @thewalkativeproject.

As a part of this society, I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg through a project called Invisible Borders.

Through this project, I was able to participate in a collaborative project/group called Walk-and-Error with Anne Carla Elisa , Daniela Graf, Docjong Lee, Theresa Hartmann and Wingshan Wong(Pat). As a group, we explore a walking laboratory through ‘live walking’ as an experimental way of collaborating, testifying, and challenging the invisible boundary while reflecting on walking as the process of making, political discourse, and a measure of collective articulation. Through our previous walks, we have often tested the boundaries of the zoom box as we walk together in two different countries – further speculating on the idea of the digital and data dependant connectivity.

Social Media deliverables designed for Across RCA Walkative Event

Social Media deliverables designed for student-led Walkative Events

The visual deliverables on instagram @thewalkativeproject

Walk-and-Error Collective Walking Group. To learn more about our walks and projects visit,