Nayonika Ghosh


Short Animated Film
Royal College of Art

Time is linear. It moves foward. It is a vector or even a possible dimension. However, it is difficult to visualise time. We sense its presence but cannot feel or attribute it to a form. There are many devices for measuring time. But what is the form/construction of time? Does time have a story to tell?

Timeline is a tool we often use to map important moments or to create a record/s of an event/s. A line geometrically is a vector, which moves infinitly in linear path in a definite direction.This was an important cue which influenced my visualization of time.

Could a line represent time in its true form? Does time have a voice? How does it in envision itself on earth? What is its trajectory?

This project led me to embody time and interrogate its form. Through this trajectory, time was discovered through a human voice and its influences were realised in tangible visuals. The process for this project was discovery, attributing a voice(through the perspective of time), visualization and repeating it.

This is a fictional narrative.The process of discovering this narrative was both, linear and dynamic and hence the outcome had to respect this movement and progression that it demanded. This project was a response on a personal trajectory of visualizing the form of time. Thus, as an outcome, the visuals and the abstractions tell the story but also leave room for the audience to imagine their own narrative.

Illustrated frames from the animation.

Illustrated frames from the animation.
Audio track: Through Which the Silent Part Takes Place - Notes from a Peculiar Time in Space by Shaan Singh