Nayonika Ghosh

Terminal Show 2021

Identity Design
Visual Communication Show 2021
Royal College of Art, London

The final showcase for the work produced by the students at the Visual Communication cohort of 2019-2021 culminated in the form a physical show titled as the Terminal which took place at Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL.

“TERMINAL is not where; it’s when. It unpacks the broader questions when brought on. When everything is unmoving, uncertain and unprecedented, how do we change, create, grow? When in isolation energy is a limited resource, what can we afford to create? When art is deemed non-essential, how can sacrifices and compromises inform new values in the work we take into the post-Covid world — what is essential?”

The identity explores the tension between the digital and physical, re-adapting itself based on the deliverable. Inspired by terminal in code and ASCII, it follows a grid and structure. However, this structure is malleable and is re-interpreted. Reflecting on the transient nature of the evolving practices of students who graduate in-between a world of fluctuating restrictions and independence.

As a participant, I had the opportunity to exhibit as well as contribute to the show as member of the Identity Team. It was a collaborative process of working with other team members and curators to develop a language that would represent “Terminal”. The ideation and research was a collaborative process and moving henceforth, I primarily worked on adapting the identity and deliverables for the digital formats.

This show was a result of a continuous collective collaboration and the following are all the individuals who were integral to this process.

Collaborators from the Identity Team: Rocco Punghellini, William Jacobson, Dougal Verinder Gedge, Johann Spindler, Can Yang

Curators: Louise Gholam and Maya Gulieva

Coordinators: Carmo Pinheiro de Melo and Konstantina Benaki

Architects: Myrna Marianovits and Daniel Johns

PR Team: Pat Wingshan Wong, Claudia Battisti, Kristina Kapeljuh, Elena Galofaro, Leonidas Anagnostou, Kelly Macbeth Mackay

Production Team: Meli Berney, Anastasia Arjalies, Toby Mao and Can Yang

Events Team: Felix Bayley-Higgins and Jonny Drewek

Catalogue Team: Camille Le Flem, Amir Saidani, Costas Kalogeropoulos and Konstantina Benaki

Collective research and development on Padlet board for the Identity

Digital Poster 

Social Media Deliverables for Instagram

Further adaptation of the Visual Identity for Social Media. To know more visit, terminal_rca.

The Identity in the form of signages in the exhibition space