Nayonika Ghosh

Dziban Consultancy

Identity Design

The project brief was to create a logo as a rebrand for Dziban Consultancy. 

Dziban, a luxury brand management company, specialised in creating, reinventing and maintaining the brand image of their clients. It focussed providing solutions on fashion,beauty and luxury lifestyle brand consultation.  

The founders chose the name ‘Dziban’ as it translates to ‘The Two Wolves’, based on its context of being the name for two subgiant stars located in the constellation Draco. It represented two strong passionate, fierce and driven young women.

While researching, I found most of their contemporaries had a minimalistic approach with dual or monochromatic application of colour. The founders envisioned an identity which would be sleek, chic and minimalistic to fit their brand image and resonate with their clientele.

To deliver their desired outcome while telling the story of behind their brand, I decided to modify the letterform ‘D’ with a flourish representing a ellipse oribital form. The form represented their story while maintaining the strucutural integrity of letterform.

The colour scheme was restricted to gradient gold and rose gold tones. A monochromatic black and white variant was also provided if required for print applications. 

The images below represent the research and development of this identity from its nascent stages into its final application.

Initial iterations for the logo

Final logo form and the colour variants